Hair Growth Shampoo 101

Tips for choosing the best hair growth shampoo, for effectiveness, health, and budget

Hair Growth Shampoo 101 - Tips for choosing the best hair growth shampoo, for effectiveness, health, and budget

Hair Growth Shampoo for Men

Any guy starting to lose his hair is willing to give anything a try. 35 million men in the US alone experience some form of hair loss that is commonly known as male pattern baldness.

Men and Hair

What is male pattern baldness? It is the gradual thinning of the sides of the forehead known as a receding hairline and/ or thinning in the area of the crown, also called the “vertex”.  Both areas become more pronounced until the areas meet causing a horseshoe shaped ring that exposes the top of the head and the forehead. 95% of all cases of thinning hair in men is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.

Many products are used to combat the gradual thinning of the hair, which is actually the gradual thinning of the hair shaft in each cycle of hair growth, but none are 100% effective yet. Many men find a combination of hair treatments work to slow the progress of hair loss. All treatments have a shampoo component, along with either using Monoxidil ( such as Rogaine) or Finasteride ( like Propecia) to help stimulate the hair follicle.

Statistics also show that vitamins and herbs are also used like Biotin, and Avodart, but these can have interactions with other prescription drugs, so please consult your doctor before taking.

Most men feel that the special hair growth shampoos do not weigh their hair down and help to maintain a healthier scalp and leave them with hair that feels and looks thicker.

Hair growth shampoos

Shampoo Selections Can Be Over Whelming

Popular Hair Growth Shampoos

Shampoos that men have reported to help hair growth are:

  • Nizoral,
  • Head and Shoulders,
  • Nioxin,
  • Revita,
  • Nisim,
  • Mane N Tail.

Nizoral, Head and Shoulders, and Revita have anti-dandruff components. Nizoral and Revita are even anti-fungal.  Revita has ingredients that help calm the scalp from irritation.
Nioxin, Nisim, Mane N Tail help to nurture and clean the scalp with ingredients that help clear excess sebum from the hair follicle.
The most important aspect of a good hair growth shampoo is the ability to calm the scalp, to keep it from itching and feeling irritated, eliminate flaking, and gently clear excess sebum. The shampoo should feel light weight and have a fuller shaft effect. Nioxin has several levels that follow a number system from 1 to 4, and can leave the hair feeling thicker and fuller, especially the level 4 scalp treatment.

All hair growth shampoos should cleanse DHT from the scalp. DHT or dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone that is believed to be responsible for the hair shaft to become smaller and smaller with each cycle of growth, until the hair shaft becomes so thin it is essentially not visible, and then falls out all together.
As with all products that claim to help hair growth, it is best to read reviews, match descriptions with testimonials and then decide if the product is a good match for the users lifestyle and commitment level. Once selected give each a try for several months to see if the results seem consistent or improve hair quality.
The most important aspect of hair growth shampoos is to find one that is gentle enough to use every day and makes your hair feel good.